Where to Stay in Downtown Chicago?

The rate at which Downtown Chicago is growing has made a lot of people choose to live in this beautiful vicinity. For many, however, they are still not sure about the neighborhood that they can live in where there is ease of getting public transport, great career opportunities, and friendly weather conditions. Here is a guide on some of the great neighborhood you can stay in Downtown Chicago:

River North

This is a lively neighborhood that prides itself for having great entertainment opportunities, top of the range dining in hotels such as Siena Tavern and the Three Dots and a Dash, and a great nightlife. If you love having a good time after a long day’s work, this is the best neighborhood you can stay.


This is a neighborhood where Northwestern University Downtown Campus, Northwestern Hospital, and Lurie Children’s hospital are located. This area also boasts of having luxurious apartments and since it is located between Lake Michigan and Chicago River, the residents will be able to enjoy the great view of the lake as they rest in their apartments.

Gold coast

This neighborhood is home to great branded shops and world-class restaurants that provide nonstop entertainment. Loyola University is located in Downtown Chicago and if you need to have some quiet moments to reflect, you will relax at Oak Street Beach.

Lakeshore East

This elegant neighborhood is located in the middle of the Loop and Lake Michigan. The place is ideal for families and for dogs as well. The residents will also enjoy the good-looking Lake Shore East Park and world-class restaurants.

When choosing a place to stay in downtown Chicago, you should consider the accessibility of public transport, schools for the children, and even churches. Every neighborhood in Chicago has its own appeal and you will choose the one that best fits your needs. Making a point of visiting each of the Downtown Chicago Neighborhood is a great option so that you can enjoy the beauty that is in each location.

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