What Restaurant has the Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

Chicago is home to some of the best restaurants where deep dish pizza will be presented in a dramatic and exemplary style. You will be able to taste the original deep dish pizza as well as the decadent version like the caramelized-crust pan pies.  Below are some of the restaurants that have the best deep dish pizza in Chicago:

Pizzeria Uno

This restaurant prides itself as the inventor of the deep dish pizza back in 1943. The deep dish pizza in this restaurant is doughy and golden brown crusts that encircle layers of melted cheese and at the top layer are flavored crushed tomatoes. The toppings for this deep dish pizza are sausages, pepperoni, veggies, and also meatballs.

Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati, who is the founder of this classy restaurant once worked at Pizzeria Uno where he perfected the art of making the deep dish pizza. He runs a chain of restaurants in various locations where deep dish pizza that comprises of crisps, Italian crusts which will have a layer of cheese blend, a mixture of spinach and mushroom, an Italian sausage, and Roma tomatoes.


The deep dish pizza in this chain of restaurant is dense and has many toppings. You will be able to choose either the cheese-only option or the more adventurous deep dish pizza versions which can be made of bacon & barbecue chicken. There is also an option where you will be able to order a customized deep dish pizza.

Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta

The restaurant is linked to the Lou Malnati family and just like the Lou Malnati restaurant; a mouth-watering deep dish pizza will be made. The pizza is made of crumbly crusts and topped with crushed tomatoes, meat combos, and vegetables. There is also a deep dish pizza containing a sausage crust that is cab-free which is very unlike the deep dish pizza commonly prepared in Chicago.

Every restaurant has its own unique additions to their deep dish pizza that will give it that great taste that will make you come back for more.

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