Where to find the best dentists in Chicago?

Finding a suitable dentist can be a pain in the tooth. Chicago and its surrounding areas have so many dentists to choose from – it can seem overwhelming! How do you choose the right one? Do you simply choose a dentist that is the closest to your home? There are so many considerations and you must get it right – dental care is important. To help, we have gathered some info on where to find the best dentists in Chicago:

Places to find the best Chicago dentists

First we will provide a little info on how to find the best dentists in Chicago. There are many places to look and some awesome online resources. The following are three particular places you can find Chicago dentists:

Chicago Mag – Chicago Mag releases an annual profile of the top dentists in the area. The 2018 edition features a brilliant selection of notable dentists and practices.

Yelp – Yelp is another fantastic online resource. This website showcases a plethora of services such as dentists, electricians and builders. You can search their database for quality dentists in Chicago. Moreover, you can check out reviews of each dentist to see what other customer have to say.

Opencare – Opencare specializes in healthcare and helping the public find it. They have a huge repository of information. You can search their databases for recommended dentists in Chicago.

Which dentists are the best in Chicago?

Now we will look at a few examples of top dentists in Chicago. The following are three highly regarded dentists practices:

1. Washington Dental Care – Dr. Peter Hammes is the main dentist here and has a superb team of staff. ┬áThe practice itself looks amazing and they use the latest technology to give you excellent treatment.

2. Smile Science Chicago – With a 5 star rating on Opencare, Smile Science has an exceptional reputation. Located in the Wicker Park district of Chicago, this dentist provides a range of general and specialist treatments.

3. Pure Design Dentistry – Located in Ranch Triangle, Pure Design Dentistry is another establishment that has a 5 star rating on Opencare. Their dentist surgery is ultra modern and extremely well maintained. They can provide digital x-rays and a host of treatments using state of the art technology.

We hope you have found this guide useful. You should now have full confidence when choosing Chicago dentists.